Amalgamation of STUs

From 06.01.04 as per the policy decision of Government of Tamil Nadu 5 Transport Corporations functioned with its head quarters at Madurai, Thirunelveli, Nagarcoil ,Dindugal and Virudhunagar, were amalgamated in to one corporation with present name Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (Madurai) Ltd. with its head quarters at Madurai.

Present area of operation of this newly amalgamated corporation is the area of operation already held by the respective 5 corporations prior to amalgamation. This covers Madurai, Theni, Dindugal, Virudhunagar, Thirunelveli, Thuthukudi and Kanyakumari revenue districts. Apart from this, our corporation serves the areas upto Central Tamil Nadu covering Coimbatore, Salem, Erode Trichy ,Tanjore etc, It also has inter state operation with adjacent Kerala State.


From 01.11.2010 as per the policy decision of Government of Tamil Nadu , our Corporation was demerged by retaining Madurai, Dindigul and Virudhunagar regions ( except Kovilpatty and Shekottai branches of Virudhunagar regions which were attached to Thirunelveli region of Thirunelveli Corporation ) with this corporation by separating Tirunelveli and Nagarcoil regions along with 26 number of branches accompany by the fleet strength of 1817 under newly formed Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation ( Tirunelveli) Limited with head quarters at Tirunelveli.

The fleet strength of our corporations as on 01.11.2010 consists of City-658, Town-664 and Mofussil-893 totaling 2215 Nos spreading over to 36 branches.

The Chief executive of this corporation is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who is the Transport Secretary to Govt. of Tamil Nadu and whose valuable guidance policy decisions are being taken. Managing Director is the apex functional head of this corporation . Now this corporation has 3 regions Viz. Madurai, Dindugal and Virudhunagar with respective operational area already held, prior to demerger, with separate General Manager for each region to execute the policies and guidelines from Corporate Office.

The Corporate Office at Madurai is functioning with the following wings Viz., Secretarial, Accounts, Commercial, Administration , Legal, Technical, Purchase and Stores.